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When I get a call from a Mom who wants to get photos of her baby before he/she loses their baby fat, I can’t wait for the shoot!  This is typically at six-months of age.  They still have their “donut” arms and legs, round cheeks and chubby tummy and they bring a ton of personality to the session.  This little guy was no exception!  He was 2,000 calories of sweetness and the time spent was so fun!  A baby photographer I hope to always be……click here to contact me and schedule a session for your little precious one.

irvine baby photographer

Love this pout! How can you say “no” to this face?

baby pout

Dude!  Did you catch that Angel’s game last night?

angels baby photography

This box was a last minute item I grabbed and I’m so glad.  Fit him perfectly with his little hat and tie-shirt.

orange county baby photographeranaheim baby photography

Nothing is more contagious than baby laughter.  He was busting up at Mom who knew his tickle spots!

baby photography

baby photo

baby photographer

That’s the signal to the end of a great photo session!  Time for our nap!

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