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CSUF Graduate

As I walked on the CSUF campus to meet an inspiring young lady, I recalled my college years as an exciting time in my life.  I remember being focused on a goal that was soon to come true, just like this lovely young CSUF graduate.   It’s an exciting time in any young person’s life.  She’s one step closer to her dream career and headed in the right direction.  So, what better place to start her session but right on campus!  From there, we headed to downtown Fullerton, a popular spot for CSUF students to blow off some steam, grab a bite and get away from the studying for a bit.  If you’re looking to capture your college graduation memories, click here to contact me!

csuf senior photographycsuf graduation

CSUF is a great backdrop for some special graduate photos.  All the Congratulations banners were hung showing the CSUF pride.  She even got in some practice throwing her cap!  A perfect throw!

oc senior photographer

This CSUF fountain provided an interesting backdrop.  Did she pick the best color to wear or what?

graduation portraitcsuf graduate photographercsuf senior photography

Now, let’s head downtown for some fun and glamorous shots!  Since it was Saturday, there were many people celebrating the weekend and there was a great buzz in the air as we wandered past some popular hangouts.  I love shooting in alleyways and finding walls with great textures for backdrops.  We just had to wait a few moments for the random car or pedestrian to pass, but it was totally worth it.  Such a pretty gal with a fantastic contagious smile.

fullerton senior portraits

It was fun trying set up this shot in this mirror on display outside a cute little downtown shop, but we did it!  Love the lace trim on the dress.

oc senior portraitorange county senior portrait

Finally, we ended up in this golden grass planter with gorgeous lighting on her hair.  I always get giddy when the natural lighting delivers!

orange county senior

I’m so glad to have met this young CSUF graduate and I wish her the best with her future education and career goals!  Congratulations to this energetic CSUF graduate and to all Seniors out there!  To book your Senior Photos, click here to contact me!