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Life is tangible and so should be your family portraits!

There is a wall in our house filled with old photos from years gone by.  My favorite photo is one of my Mom because of the story it tells.  It was taken by my Dad in the 50’s as they watched the Easter parade in Santa Monica, CA.  They were barely 20 years old and had just moved to California from Brooklyn, NY with hardly a penny to their name.  Mom looks smitten as Latin-lover “Cesar Romero” passes by.   Dad captured that darling moment with his Kodak Retina camera.  So many details of this photo help me imagine what it was like back then.  Mom with her home perm, the kids dressed in their Sunday best, and the storefronts so typical of small town 50’s era.

Mom Easter Parade001

Now fast forward to the digital age!   Well, you may be like most people with hundreds, maybe thousands of digital images on your computer.  They may be unorganized and the file names don’t offer a clue to the contents, making it very difficult to find that darling photo of Aunt Lucy with the kids.  And….I hate to bring this up…..but you may not even backup your computer (according to statistics, only 36% of us do on a regular basis), which puts those photos at risk of being lost forever.  Yikes!

Ok, so maybe you always meant to get some prints made from those digital images, but life just got in the way?   Well, if my Dad never made a tangible print of this photo, the memory would be lost forever.  The photo negative is long gone and so is Dad who lost his battle with cancer in 2001.  And, Mom’s dementia robs her from telling me about this exciting moment so long ago.  I cherish this print because of these very reasons.

This is why I want my clients to think about getting quality prints of their favorite photos and not just digital images.  After all, these photos represent your life.  Put them on display to enjoy every day and pass them down to the next generation.  These memories are a gift to your children and grandchildren.

Your photo gallery will have the option to order prints directly from a reputable print lab that only caters to professional photographers.  The lab uses premium papers and printers to ensure accurate color and excellent quality.  And, the prints have a standard longevity of over 100 years in home display.

So, don’t forget the prints – a wonderful record of your life’s story and memories for generations to cherish.  Life is tangible and so should be your family portraits!