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Kids in Action – How to get those action shots!

Below are some great tips on capturing those action shots of your kids.  These tips apply whether shooting with a professional camera or a small point-and-shoot.  You can’t always have a professional photographer with you at all times, so consider investing in a point-and-shoot camera if you haven’t already.   There are some great point-and-shoot cameras for any beginner ranging in price from $200 on up.  So when your little one dances around happily or kisses the family pet, grab your camera and keep these tips in mind for a great action shot!

1)  Raise your shutter speed or set your camera to a Sports/Action setting to eliminate blur!  The higher the shutter speed, at least 1/200th of a second, the better.  For sports, set shutter to at least 1/1000th of a second.anaheim family photographer

2)  Set your camera to “continuous shooting” or “burst” mode – in this mode, several images are taken in rapid succession giving you a better change of capturing a fantastic image!


3)  Be patient – try to avoid directing your kid too much, otherwise the “candidness” is lost.  The best approach is to just let your kid do his or her thing!  Kids are amazingly creative and will naturally create the best moments.

Happy Shooting!!!!anaheim family photography