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Looking Back at 2014

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While archiving my 2014 photos, I was reminded of the wonderful people I met this year and the enjoyment of each photo session.   I thought I’d share some of those photos, giving insight to what I see when I look at them and sharing my experience of creating them for my clients.  Rather than describe them as “favorites”, these photos are really examples of ones that gave me “pause” when I first saw them – they invoked a smile or an exhale of sorts.  There are many other photos I wish I could share with you too, but this post would be VERY long………….so please enjoy these samples!

SeparatorKids will always be one of my favorite (and sometimes challenging!) subjects to photograph.  I met this shy little angel in 2013 and she’s grown so much in one year.  There’s a bridge at a local park over looking a lake that just seems to grab a little kid’s attention.  (This isn’t the only photo in this same location that I’ve taken with other kids who expressed the same curious look out to the lake.)

When kids become comfortable with me photographing them or they forget I’m even there, it can capture some genuine expression.  Love the golden curls on this cutie!

oc family photography


Some kids can’t resist posing and making silly faces for the camera like this sweetie at a birthday party.  After a silly shot, they typically run over to me saying “I wanna see!  I wanna see!” and smile when they see themselves in the camera viewer.   It’s probably what drives so many of us to take “selfies”!


When I first saw this photo, I paused to absorb the feeling it gave me and the story I though it told.  A young boy cautiously and bravely exploring the world with a stick in one hand but still clutching a familiar toy car for a little security in the other.

orange county kid photography

Like I said, some of the best photos are when the kids get completely comfortable with the camera!


 Sometimes I stop taking photos for a minute and play with the kids a bit.  I love joining them in their curious adventure of their surroundings, reminding myself not to take life too seriously.  This little girl picked a bouquet of wild grass during one of those moments and presented it with the sweetest smile.



How fortunate we are to live in Southern California with gorgeous beach coves like this one in Laguna.  It’s a special place that just makes all your worries disappear.  I’m always happy to bring clients here for so they can relax for their photos and get some great backdrops!  It’s also one of the places my husband and I frequented during our dating.  Lots of love here!


SENIORS!!!!  I just love the opportunity to meet young adults, hear about their plans for the future and be amazed at how different the world is for them compared to my Senior year so long ago!  I’m always impressed by how confident and focused they are.   “Hats off” to the wonderful parents of these talented young adults.

Audrey Hepburn helps set the scene for this candid shot of a wonderful young lady who has headed off to nursing school.  She looks so happy here!

When this young man told me he drove a vintage Mustang and I said “bring it to your shoot!”  I’m so glad he did because it really is a big part of his life.  Who can forget their first car and how much it represented that first step towards independence and freedom.  See the confidence I was talking about?

I always provide my clients with some wardrobe tips and this young lady hit a home-run with this red dress.  When she pulled it out of her car, I knew she was going to get some fantastic photos in it!  A great color for her and the beach backdrop!


Wandering the streets of downtown Orange and stopping whenever a spot inspires me is my favorite style of photography – no plan, just going with whatever presents itself!

This young lady that day reminded me of myself at her age, a “thinker” who expresses herself through writing or art.

I encourage Seniors to bring something special like an instrument or favorite item.  Something that maybe defines them.  This young lady, who loves to write, brought her journal and it made for some great poses.  Although her journal isn’t in the shot below, I imagine her reflection in the window is like her journal – a picture of who she is.


Families just make me smile.  This darling couple was expecting another baby and it was clear with the love of their daughter that the new baby will be getting a great set of parents.  I love how Mom is tickling her baby’s foot to get her to giggle!  Can’t you just squeeze those little cherub cheeks on their daughter?

Another “take pause” photo from 2014.  I think the expression of this father holding his new daughter conveys serenity, pride, and protection.  A father who would moves mountains for his little girl.  No props or fancy backdrops are needed – just true human expression can create a wonderful shot.


And of course there were weddings!   Seeing the friendship between the bride and her bridal party as they help her relax before the wedding ceremony was special.  Everyone should be blessed with such friendships.

orange-county-2014-photography-15I imagine the bride when she was making the place cards for the reception days earlier and finally getting to her fiance’s.  I wish I could have taken that shot when she made his card knowing their wedding was just around the corner.  I love these little touches at weddings.


Well, I could gone on forever reflecting on 2014 photos, but it’s time to look forward to 2015 and create new ones.  I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring including the opportunity to make new friends while capturing those special moments!  Thanks to everyone for their business this year and I wish you all a fantastic 2015.