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My little mascot | Family Photos

Two years ago, I photographed a very special young man of only 6 months of age.  He was (and still is) a cheerful, happy soul with blue eyes that demanded your attention.  He’s the first-born of a young couple that are wonderful people, parents and friends.  My website is sprinkled with photos of this little boy, a reminder of how privileged I am to have families invite me to photograph their life.  He is my little mascot!

little mascot

The family has grown since then and now my little mascot has a new sister.  I was there to take the maternity and newborn photos of his sister and I’m just as excited as him that she has entered this world.  So, of course, there was lots of energy and fun at this family’s latest photo session at a local park.

yorba regional family photo

My little mascot showing his sister how to make great family photos.  He’s an expert now!  Photo tip:  Putting movement into family poses creates an emotionally-filled photograph like the one above.  It just brings a natural smile to everyone and I know my little mascot is loving it.family love photograph

Ok, can you just see the love between this Mom and Dad as little sister discovers the camera.mom and baby photography

With Mother’s Day around the corner, these photos are a wonderful celebration of motherhood.family photosoc family photographer

father and sonA quick impromptu daddy and son moment!family life-styleA little horse-playing and jumping on Mom and Dad is always a blast for the little ones!fun family portraitfamily photo sessionI can’t wait to watch this adorable family grow up and look back on these warm, loving photos of my little mascot and his new sister!  To book your family session, I’m only a click away……. here!