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Nikki and Nate | Vista Wedding

This darling couple got married in September at a beautiful outdoor Vista wedding with a fun “travel” theme and custom decorations hand-made by the bride’s mother.  It was a perfect day and I was honored to photograph this special time in Nikki and Nate’s lives.  Click here to request a quote and schedule your beautiful wedding photo session!

Nate first saw Nikki at church.  He noticed Nikki with another fellow and hoped it wasn’t a boyfriend.  He was very happy to learn it was only Nikki’s brother!Gorgeous bride with her darling pill-box hat!Nikki and Nate decided to not see each other before the wedding ceremony.  Reaching around the wall to hold hands just before the ceremony was an emotional moment and beautiful expression of their love!  Nikki did her best to hold back the tears!An anxious groom awaits a blushing bride as the ceremony begins.Hand made centerpieces!  Each flower delicately made with folded paper.  With a travel theme for the wedding, this cake of luggage pieces is perfect!  There were also passports for each guest telling them where to sit at the reception.  So creative!

Congratulations Nikki and Nate!!!!