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Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding

I met J&A at Starbucks to talk about their upcoming Oak Canyon Nature Center wedding and for them to learn more about me and my wedding photography services.  They were the sweetest couple that described their wedding as fun, unique, intimate and casual and boy did they deliver!  The ceremony was held at the gorgeous Oak Canyon Nature Center with a beautiful oak tree canopy, the sound of a trickling stream and sweet bird calls in the background.  The bride decorated with a natural, rustic theme with sentimental touches like her Grandma’s brooch on her bouquet.  The couple was surrounded by family and friends at the Oak Canyon Nature Center who couldn’t wait to hug them once the ceremony ended.  There was a special feeling in the air of friendship and love which I had the pleasure of experiencing and capturing in their photos.

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oak canyon nature center wedding

A simple bouquet of lavender and baby’s breath made this groom’s boutonniere fit the theme of this rustic wedding.oak canyon nature center wedding photographyLoving the purple against this bride’s gorgeous red hair!rustic oak canyon weddingoak canyon nature center wedding photographeroak canyon nature center wedding

You could tell these friends were really close to each other and meant alot to the bride to have them by her side at her wedding.  They even kept the bride laughing to calm any nerves before the ceremony starts.It’s these moments when the bride walks down the aisle (or rustic pathway) with a special person in her life.  In this case, her grandfather.  It was difficult for him to walk, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from giving away his granddaughter at her wedding.  This is usually when I need a Kleenex!oak canyon nature center wedding ceremonyI loved the rustic look of the flower bouquets.  A collection of various flower types but all following a beautiful color theme.  This incredible rich purple photographs so well and was beautiful against the green backdrop.  This is an example of the beauty at an Oak Canyon Nature Center wedding.oak canyon nature center weddingI think personal vows are what make a wedding ceremony unique to the couple.  It tells us so much about them, their personality, their love for each other and even a little humor thrown in that made these groomsmen bust up!The tradition of “tying the knot” was done and is a wonderful representation of two people joining their lives together.  Love this shot!oak canyon weddingoak canyon nature center weddingThe reception was at the delicious Long Beach restaurant Lola’s.  The celebration continue with fantastic food and drink.  The couple’s personality reflected in the guest table, wedding cake topper and decor.  A darling Polaroid camera awaited friends and family to take so instant shots of this special day!lola's long beach

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