Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and the start of your future!  This is a very special time in your life to share with everyone.  I love working with high school and college graduates because they never cease to amaze me with all their energy, drive and dreams!   I will work with you to design a Senior Photography session that truly captures your spirit and personality.  My sessions are relaxed and fun and a celebration of this special time in your life.

I encourage you to bring your favorite items to include in your custom photo session.  These could be anything from sports equipment to musical instruments.  Whatever your talents, let’s capture it in your session!  Ride horses?  Let’s meet at the stables.  Love travel?  Let’s shoot at the train station!  Going to be an architect?  Let’s photograph you in an urban setting!  Whatever your interests may be, these are important to include in your photos. They represent you and make you unique!

Your session includes two wardrobe changes, so mix it up!  If you need any help selecting clothes, I’m here to assist.  Girls – If you are a tom-boy by day and a glamour queen by night, bring those jeans and dresses!  Guys – If you get rugged in the dirt playing sports by day, but dream of a corporate career, bring your uniform or letterman jacket and sharp suit!

Finally, I just want to tell all Seniors that whomever you choose for your Senior portraits, I congratulate you on an amazing accomplishment!

To book your custom Senior photo session or to contact me, please click here!  I can’t wait to meet you!

Below are some frequently asked questions:

What’s the process?

I’ll ask a few questions about you to come up with ideas and a location for your session that fits your personality and interests.  Once decided, an agreement will be emailed to reserve your date.  Once all the business is over, the fun begins!  At the session, my goal is to create a fun experience.  My style is a mix of classic poses, creative and photo-journalistic so there will be a variety of poses and shots.  And, I encourage students and parents to share their own ideas for a pose or photo.  After the session, I’ll begin editing the images on my computer.  Within a week, you’ll receive an email with a link to your private online gallery to view your photos.

Where are the sessions held?

I work with natural light, so sessions will most likely be outdoors or a well-lighted indoor space.  Locations are selected based on the interest of the student and can include open fields, parks, football fields, historic buildings, and even stables.  Orange County offers some fantastic locations, so frequently the sessions are within Orange County at some of my favorite spots.  I will work with you to select the location that best fits your personality!

Can parents attend the session?

Yes, parents are requested to attend, but please no children.

What about a yearbook photo?

Your session is designed to capture this special time in your life.  The photos really reflect who you are.  They are great for Graduation Announcements, gifts to relatives, custom yearbook pages, and/or photo books of you!  Some schools require students to also get a traditional yearbook photo from a specific studio to ensure all photos are similar for the class directory, i.e. same cap and gown, same backdrop.  In this case, students will still need to go to the specified studio but will also have the option to hire their own photographer (that’s where I come in!) to get more than just a studio yearbook photo.   Other schools, particularly private, allow students to submit their own portraits for the yearbook.  In this case, I will provide you a version of your chosen photo in the resolution and size required by your school’s yearbook.

What if I refer a friend?

I’m all about referrals!  When you refer a friend that also books a Senior Session the same school year as you, you’ll receive a $50 print credit.  All prints come from a professional print lab using high-quality printers, inks and papers for rich colors and lasting display.

What is the price for a Senior session?

Please click here for all the pricing information or click here to contact me if you have any questions!

And……for a look at my Pinterest Senior Inspiration board of all my favorite ideas for Senior photography, click here!