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Walmart Wall Gallery | OC Family Photographer

Now that you’ve taken new family photos for your holiday cards, don’t forget to also display your beautiful photos with a wall gallery.  Don’t leave them sitting on your computer, put them in a frame for all to see!   I love seeing family collages that display the closeness and love that makes a house a home.

I know, I know……..it’s sounds easier than it is to put one together.  Believe me, I can never get the frames on the wall looking just like the home-decor magazines, but check out this great wall gallery frame set I found at Walmart for less than $15.00!  Pretty spifey!  It not only includes all the frames, but cute accent decor AND a sample photo of how to hang all of it on your wall!

Remember, your photo gallery from your holiday session has the option to order beautiful, high-quality prints from a professional print lab.  Just select your desired photo, add the print size to your shopping cart and check-out!  Voila!  The prints ship right to your home.  Contact me if you need any help and enjoy your photos!

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